Right-of-Way / Public Easement Abandonment Submittal Checklist

Applicant Checklist Required for Submittal Sufficient Insufficient
  Complete Application: On-line application has been thoroughly completed.    
  Fees: Application and Review Deposit fees have been paid.    
  Authorizations: Name, address and phone number of any agent authorized to represent the property owner(s) of the property proposed for final right-of-way/public easement abandonment.    
  Reason for Request: Statement of why the proposed abandonment is requested and how the abandonment will benefit both the property owner and the City.    
  Supplemental Information: Submittal package bound into a single pdf document including the following information:    
       Vicinity Map depicting surrounding streets and existing zoning and land use on the site and surrounding area (within 500 feet).    
       Plat or Survey: Copy of plat or survey showing the portion thereof for which the abandonment is sought.     
       Legal Description: Prepared legal description of the right-of-way or easement to be abandoned.     
       Letters of No Conflict: Letters from all utility companies (electric, gas, cable, phone, etc.) and, if under the administration of Orange County, Saint Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) or the State, then provide letters of No Conflict from the appropriate jurisdiction.