Lot Split Submittal Checklist

Applicant Checklist Required for Submittal Sufficient Insufficient
  Complete Application: On-line application has been thoroughly completed.    
  Fees: Application and Review Deposit fees have been paid.    
  Authorizations: Name, address and phone number of any agent authorized to represent the property owner(s) of the property proposed for lot split.    
  Supplemental Information: Plan submittal package bound into a single pdf document including the following information:     
       Vicinity Map depicting surrounding streets and existing zoning and land use on the site and surrounding area (within 500 feet).    
       Plat Map suitable for recording (includes items 1 through 8 of the Procedures Manual).    
       Private Facilities Information: Should the plat involve a Planned Development or other legal instrument that provides for the inclusion of private facility(ies) such as, but not limited to, bikeways and pedestrian lighting, street lighting, stormwater drainage areas, walls and fences, entry features, lift stations, infrastructure, any of which may be located within areas designated as easements, tracts or other areas designated as private, must clearly reflect the responsibilities for construction, maintenance and replacement, on the recorded plat. Easements such as conservation easements shall also clearly denote maintenance responsibilities on the recorded plat.