Boards & Commissions

City boards and commissions are appointed by the City Council, usually for three-year terms. These boards are designed to facilitate citizen involvement in the policy-setting process for the City. Appointments are made as needed. Being a member of a City board requires time, outside study, and dedication to the functions prescribed for each of them. Most times, the only reward is the self knowledge that you are assisting in the very vital and important duties necessary to our City. Some boards require financial disclosure.

Volunteering to Serve on a Board / Commission

If you desire to serve on one of the City’s Boards, please fill out the online application. Applications will be on file in the City Clerk’s Office for a period of 14 months. In addition, as part of the application process, you are encouraged to contact your City Council members directly to advise them of your desire to serve your community. The contact information for City Council members is available online. For additional information, please contact the City Clerk at 407-539-6219.

Board of Adjustments and Appeals

Name Title Term Expires
Grey S. Binford   3/22/2022
Manuel Nunez   3/22/2024
Matthew Sloan   3/22/2022
Robert Smith    3/22/2023
Vacant - Alternate    

Board of Zoning Adjustment

Name Title Term Expires
Todd Bleakley Chair 12/18/2022
Isaac Tilton   7/4/2023
Gregory Hardwick   7/16/2022

Community Redevelopment Agency

Name Title Term Expires
John Lowndes Mayor 2024
Teresa Garrett Orange County Representative 12/31/2021
Vance Guthrie Council Member 2023
Lindsay Hall Harrison  Council Member 2023
Mike Thomas Council Member 2022
Michael Wilde Council Member - Vice Mayor 2022

Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board

Name Title Term Expires
Edna Morris Orange County Representative 12/31/2022
Grey S. Binford City resident 5/13/2024

Lakes Advisory Board

Name Title Term Expires
Gary P. Bosses Chair 1/14/2023
Aimee E. Krivan Vice Chair 12/14/2023
Paul Brennan   9/13/2022
Juliet Demaree   1/4/2022
Lee Hale   1/4/2022
Doris Houck   12/19/2022
Josie Marston   12/14/2023

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Name Title Term Expires
Ha Roda Chair 6/30/2022
Jeremy Good Vice Chair 6/30/2024
Allison Seward   6/30/2023
Louiza Tarassova   6/30/2023
Jenny Wolfe   6/30/2022

Planning and Zoning Commission

Name Title Term Expires
Keith Holloway Chair 7/19/2024
Jamie Kay Bennett   8/3/2023
Glen S. Jaffee   8/3/2023
Matthew Lamb Vice Chair 7/7/2024
Kathleen G. McIver   11/5/2022

Sustainability Advisory Board

Name Title Term Expires
Marc Walch Chair 2/21/2024
Karen Simasek Vice Chair 2/21/2024
Courtney Christyl   2/21/2022
John Hazelroth   2/21/2023
Lisa Roberts   2/21/2023

Transportation Advisory Board

Name Title Term Expires
Scott Zorneck Chair 5/22/2022
Cliff Tate Vice Chair 5/23/2024
Ian Lockwood   5/23/2022
James Blackford   5/23/2024
Corey Knight   3/23/2023

Police and Fire Pension Trust Fund

Name Title Term Expires
Bryan Stewart Chair 1/29/2023
David Manuel Police Chief, Vice Chair  
Will Watts Fire Chief, Secretary  
Jerry Gray Finance Director  
Ray Link Police Lt. 2/17/2025
Chris Morton Deputy Fire Chief 5/19/2024
Barrett Biggs Police Sgt. 2/17/2025
Dustin Moore Lieutenant/Paramedic 3/1/2023
Ivan Valdes Resident 6/30/2024