Non-Exclusive Franchise C&D / Roll-Off Program

The City of Maitland maintains a Non-Exclusive Franchise to provide roll-off container collection and disposal of solid waste within the City of Maitland limits. Approved companies are properly licensed, equally qualified, and have completed the City’s application process before being approved as a franchise hauler.

Approved Franchise Haulers

When selecting a hauler to provide construction and demolition (C&D)/roll-off service within the City limits, it is a good practice to receive price quotes from more than one hauler before making a selection. The City does not regulate rates or pricing. A complete list of approved franchise haulers and their contact numbers can be found in our Resource Directory

Hauling companies desiring to provide C&D/Roll-off container collection services may request an Application for Non‐Exclusive Construction And Demolition Debris Container Collection Franchise (PDF) by emailing Jerry Gray, Finance Director, or by calling him at 407-539-6201.