Step 2: Verifying Your Land Use and Zoning

Prior to signing a lease or contract, it is important to verify that the proposed location of your business has the appropriate zoning designation for the type of business you plan to open.                                                                                      

Every property within the city has a zoning designation, which outlines specific development standards such as use, property setbacks, height restrictions, lot coverage, etc.  Uses are either permitted, not permitted or permitted only with an approved Conditional Use Permit in each zoning district. If you are not sure how your property is zoned, we recommend that you contact our office at (407) 539-6211.  

Once it is determined that the zoning district allows the use, you need to check the use-specific standards outlined in Chapter 21 of Maitland’s Land Development Code to determine if there are any other specific limitations to consider.  

Note:  Verifying the zoning of a property prior to signing a lease or purchase agreement may help minimize any possible delays, costs or the inability to use the property due to improper zoning.