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Elevated Condition (Yellow)

An Elevated Condition is declared when there is a significant risk of terrorist attacks. In addition to the Protective Measures taken in the previous Threat Conditions, Federal departments and agencies should consider the following general measures in addition to the Protective Measures that they will develop and implement:
Increasing surveillance of critical locations;
Coordinating emergency plans as appropriate with nearby jurisdictions;
Assessing whether the precise characteristics of the threat require the further refinement of preplanned Protective Measures; and Implementing, as appropriate, contingency and emergency response plans.

General Public Tips
  • Determine what possible threats exist in your community and discuss them with your family and co-workers.
  • Create an emergency communications plan and up to date contact list. Be sure to include your out-of-town contact to check on each other if local telephones are jammed or out of service.
  • Assemble disaster supplies kits in easy-to carry containers, for home, for work and your car. Include a three-day supply of water, non-perishable food, a first aid kit and book, flashlights, battery-powered radio, extra batteries, fire extinguisher, tools, prescription medications, copies of important documents, duct tape, plastic sheeting and towels to seal door cracks.
  • Learn basic first aid and CPR. The American Red Cross provides training.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious activities to local authorities.
  • Know where the emergency exits, staircases, and fire extinguishers are at home, at work or when traveling, and practice emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Check on the school and day care emergency plans for you school-age children.
  • Learn what to do if asked by officials to "Shelter in Place" (remain indoors or in your car) or to "Evacuate" (leave the hazard area.)
  • Be prepared to do without services you normally depend on such as electricity, telephone, natural gas, gasoline pumps, ATM machines, and Internet transactions.
  • If there is an attack or strong warnings of an attack, remain calm and follow the advice of local emergency officials. Listen to the radio or television for news and instructions.

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