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Maitland News
Hydrant Testing Begins Monday, February 5, 2018, and continues through April

The Maitland Fire Rescue Department will begin its annual hydrant testing throughout the City beginning February 5, 2018, with the expected completion within two months.  This is a coordinated effort between the City’s Water Department and Fire Rescue Department. Fire hydrant testing ensures that hydrants are in full working order and verifies their flow capacity.  In order to determine that a fire hydrant is capable of meeting fire flow requirements, fire department crews must open the hydrants and discharge water at a very high flow rate.  Signage will be placed in neighborhoods when testing is expected with the week.   

A total of nearly 500 City-owned fire hydrants are tested annually by fire department crews.  The testing process determines three pressures produced by each hydrant.  Static pressure, which is the available water pressure delivered out of a hydrant; residual pressure, which is the available water pressure that is remaining while the hydrant is flowing water; and flow pressure, which is the pressure of the water that is flowing from the hydrant.  This process allows fire department crews to test approximately 15 hydrants each day.       

While fire hydrant testing is a routine maintenance procedure, it may result in temporary inconveniences.  High flow rate discharge during testing disturbs sediments in the water distribution system.   This often results in brown or rust-colored water. If you experience discolored water during this time, run your faucet for approximately five (5) minutes until the water runs clear.  Hydrant testing may also reduce regular water pressure.  Reduced water pressure should only be intermittent as the hydrants are being tested.  Your regular water pressure will return to normal once the flow testing is complete. 

For additional information or questions, log on to or call Fire Administration at 407-539-6226.


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