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Community Policing Division


The Community Policing Division of the Maitland Police Department is involved in providing many services to the citizens of Maitland. Services, which include safety presentations and home security surveys to better serve our community. One of our goals is to inform and enhance communications to our community through a positive perspective. This communication will better serve the community and develop a relationship with the citizens.

All Community Policing Programs are free of charge.


Home Security Surveys
Upon request a Certified Florida Crime Prevention Practitioner will conduct a free and confidential security check of your residence.  We will assess all areas of your home, including, but not limited to:  lighting, alarm systems, locks, doors, windows, computer security, and landscaping.  Recommendations will be discussed with you and you will be given a written copy on how to make your home a harder target to the criminal. Residents are provided information on the latest residential security hardware and safety recommendations that will help deter the burglar. Certified Florida Crime Prevention Practitioners provide examples of security hardware for display. To schedule a home security assessment of your home, please contact Community Policing at (407) 539-6261 or send your request to


The Maitland Police Department offers several programs and presentations to areas businesses, civic groups, schools, etc. Some of the programs offered include:

  • Auto Theft
  • Personal Safety
  • Residential/Business Security
  • Bike Safety
  • Safe Kids
  • Substance Abuse
  • Firearm Safety
  • Boating Safety
  • Workplace Violence

Customized presentations can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual party. For further information please contact the Community Policing Division at 407-539-6261. 

Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch is a national program of mutual cooperation among neighbors and police aimed at reducing crime in the community. It also incorporates programs that educate the community in how they, themselves, can help prevent residential crimes in their neighborhoods. Residents are trained to call the police department and report any and all suspicious activity in the area that they observe.

The area that is defined for a Neighborhood Watch group is left to the individual neighborhoods. Some areas are only one block of one street while other areas encompass entire subdivisions or condominium/apartment complexes. When a group decides to form a Neighborhood Watch the neighbors contact the police department after at least 51% of all households have agreed to start a Watch area.

Each active area has at least one person classified as the Chairperson who is responsible for organizing meetings. and relaying information to members, keeping up-to-date on new residents and making an effort to involve the elderly, working parents, and young people. In accordance with the program guidelines, each active group must meet at least annually with a representative of the police department to discuss guidance and offer help in training residents in home security, crime reporting skills and for information on local crime patterns trends throughout the city in general and the specific watch group area in particular. These meetings are held in informal settings usually at a neighbor’s home or sometimes a block party is held. All active Neighborhood Watch groups have a least two (2) Neighborhood Watch signs placed at opposing locations indicating to everyone they are entering an active watch area. 

Annual meetings are held with each specific Watch area as well as updated contact with various block Chairpersons. Free residential security surveys by trained Crime Prevention Officers are also offered to city residents.  For further information please contact Lieutenant Louis Grindle or Sergeant Lawrence Ford in the Community Policing Division at 407-539-6261, or email: /
1.  Do not approach, follow or make contact with suspicious persons or vehicles.
2.  Do not use the Telephone Chain Card to call neighbors for anything that is not crime prevention related.
3.  Do not share the Telephone Chain Card with anyone who is not part of your Neighborhood Watch Group.
  • Neighborhood Watch members serve solely as the extra "eyes and ears" of Law Enforcement.
  • Neighborhood Watch members should report their observations of suspicious activities to Law Enforcement by calling 9-1-1.
  • Never take action on those observations.
  • Only trained Law Enforcement should take action.
House Checks
The house check program is for all residents that would like the Police Department to be aware of their absences from the city. The following procedure is how the resident will advise us of their absence.


  1. Come to the Police Department and complete the Property Watch card.  
  2. Police Department personnel will check to make sure all necessary information is completed. Once the information has been verified the completed Property Watch card will be assigned a case number and this information will be forwarded to the Communications Center.
  3. Patrol Officers will receive the Property Watch cards and will check on the residence either by driving by or with the residents' permission walk around the residence to ensure all exterior windows and doors are secured unless otherwise noted on the house check card.
  4. If any alarms or suspicious activity are noted the officer will take the appropriate action. The Communication Center will then contact the resident and/or their local contact for information or assistance. All information regarding the incident will be listed on the card.
  5. When the resident returns home, they should contact the Communications Center so their residence can be removed from House Check.


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