I am not sure what I can put in my recycling cart, what are the rules?

The blue 64-gallon cart is provided for your single-family residential household recyclables collection. The following materials are accepted:

  • All plastics except Styrofoam and film bags
  • All types of paper products
  • Aluminum cans and foil
  • Aseptic containers and gable-top containers (i.e. milk or juice cartons, drink boxes)
  • Flattened cardboard (i.e. cereal boxes with plastic taken out)
  • For pieces larger than cart, please flatten and tie in bundle not greater than 3 by 3 feet.
  • Glass bottles and jars (clear, green and brown)
  • Newspaper
  • Steel/bi-metal cans

Please note: Remember to rinse all containers.

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5. I am not sure what I can put in my recycling cart, what are the rules?
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