City of Maitland Interactive Maps



Map image Current Development Plans & Public Hearing Map: Development plans (site or subdivision plan) in review, recently approved or under construction and pending development-related public hearings (rezonings, land use amendments, variances, etc.).
FLU MapFuture Land Use Map: Future Land Use designations including descriptions of every parcel in the City.
Zoning MapOfficial Zoning Map: Interactive map depicting the zoning districts, dimensional standards, approved variances, lot adjustments, approved Planned Development ordinances/plans and other property related information on a parcel level detail.
Parks Locator Map Opens in new windowPark Locator Map: Location of parks and recreation facilities including information about recreation activities within each facility.

Searching Permitting and Other Records

You can search a variety of development information such as permits in review, approved permits, code enforcement cases, etc. by visiting our online Permitting system and clicking on the green "Search Records" button or the search icon in the toolbar.  Once you find the records you are looking for, you can export the information by clicking on the blue "Export" button and save the information.

Using Maitland's Interactive Maps

To use our interactive maps, you can simply click on the image or the map name that you are looking to view.  Once you have accessed the map, you can click on the toolbar on the left side of the map to access options such as map layers in the Layer List option or change the base map in the Basemap Gallery:

  •  Layer List: The layer list allow you to select layers of information to display on the map such as the city limits, parcel lines or other information displayed on the map.  You can also drill down on the some layers by clicking the arrow on the left of the layer name to access the individual layer's legend.
  • Basemap Gallery: The basemap gallery allows you to change the map's base, or background.  You will have the option to select bases such as street maps, aerial imagery, etc.

While on the map, you can click on any of the polygons to access a popup display containing certain attributes of the polygon such as project name, case number, description, public hearing date, and other relevant information.  If a polygon has more than one layer, you can scroll through the layer by clicking on the arrow on the top of the popup display to toggle between layers.

If at any time you want to return to the City's website, you can either click on the City's logo or the words, "City Website" on the toolbar at the top of the page. 

The City of Maitland strives to ensure that online resources are accessible for all visitors. If you have difficulty viewing content, or you require assistance with available information, please contact the Maitland Community Development Department at (407) 539-6212 or at