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Winter Park-Maitland Observer
The Story Behind Maitland’s Branding

The City of Maitland, the Community Redevelopment Agency, and the Maitland Downtown Partnership will roll-out the new branding --  and implement a new marketing plan --  for Downtown Maitland and the area formerly known as the West Side.

"Maitland has worked for years on physically structuring Downtown Maitland with buildings, streets, and green space," said CRA Manager Charles Rudd. "Now we are working on the intangible aspect -- the image, the feel, and the emotion of Downtown.  We strive to create an identity that Maitland residents can relate to, to draw in businesses and visitors to Maitland, and to support the redevelopment of both Downtown and West Maitland."

Earlier this year, in January 2016, the City Council and CRA Board approved a contract with Arnett Muldrow & Associates for a market analysis and a brand and marketing plan for Downtown Maitland.   The scope was eventually expanded to include Maitland west of Interstate 4. 

The new branding prominently features new logos for Downtown Maitland and West Maitland.  Arnett Muldrow also created logos for the Maitland Downtown Partnership, the Community Redevelopment Agency, the Circle Drive Design District, the Parks & Recreation Department, Maitland’s community partners, Season of Light, and events that could possibly happen in Downtown Maitland one day. The City Council and CRA Board approved the branding and marketing plan, market analysis, and brand style guide on August 22, 2016.

Arnett Muldrow became very familiar with Maitland once they started contract work.  They met with Maitland residents, business owners, and community members for their feedback on Maitland’s retail market, the community’s perceptions of Maitland, the downtown area, and the West Side, now called West Maitland. Everyone’s input was incorporated into the branding and plan.

The plan outlines next steps in building and marketing Downtown Maitland and West Maitland.  According to Arnett Muldrow, the plan will help the City, the CRA, and community partners “promote downtown as a destination, position it for new investment, and improve communication and marketing efforts.”

Arnett Muldrow also conducted a market analysis.  Arnett Muldrow describes it as “a snapshot of the retail trade patterns in the community.”

“[The market analysis] should be seen as a companion to the development-side assessment in the Downtown Master Plan,” said Arnett Muldrow.

The market analysis revealed the following excerpted findings:

·         Downtown Maitland businesses gained a total of $170 million in sales in 2015.  The City of Maitland gained $108 million as a result of retail activity in Downtown Maitland.

·         Customers spent almost $400 million in Downtown Maitland in 2015.

·         Residents of Maitland, Winter Park, Casselberry, Altamonte Springs, and Orlando make up the majority of customer visits to Downtown Maitland.  

Zip Code City  Visits per 1,000 people
32751 Maitland 16.48
32789 Winter Park 6.679
32730 Casselberry 6.08
32701 Altamonte Springs 2.92
32803 Orlando 2.68



·         Downtown Maitland provides retail recruiting opportunities for furniture & home furnishings, building supply, general merchandising, clothing, and jewelry.



Interested in learning more about the market analysis findings and the branding and marketing plan?  Visit

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