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Winter Park-Maitland Observer
Back to School Safety


Back to School Safety
By Dennis Marshal, Fire Marshal
As school summer break comes to an end and families prepare for their children to return to school, it’s a good time to think and prepare to put safety at the top of the “get ready list.” To assist you and your family we’ve compiled a short checklist of safety items to consider:
School Bus
·         Wait five (5) giant steps from the road and when the school bus arrives wait until the driver says to board
·         When boarding the school bus, go straight to you seat and sit facing the front and do what the school bus driver tells you
·         When exiting the bus, look out for cars. When you’re off, take five (5) giant steps from the school bus
·         Look left-right-left to make sure no cares are coming and wait for the driver to signal it’s safe to cross
·         Do not walk in the bus driver’s blind spot – this is the area from the front of the bus to 10 feet in front of the bus
·         Walk on the sidewalk and if there is none, walk facing traffic
·         Don’t push or shove others when you walk
·         When crossing the street, look left-right-left for cars and do not cross if a car is coming
·         Use a cross walk whenever you can, especially one patrolled by a crossing guard
·         If you must use a cell phone, stop walking, drivers use their phones also and both of you being distracted can lead to a very dangerous situation
·         When crossing a street, if listening to music, turn it off and take at least one earphone out of your ear so you may hear oncoming traffic
·         Walk in groups, avoid talking to strangers; if a stranger does approach the child should distance themselves and report the incident to a teacher or parent/guardian
·         Always wear a helmet; it’s the law in Florida for children less than 16 years of age
·         Make sure the helmet fits correctly, it should be snug and has a buckled chin strap
·         Make sure the children buckle their chin strap when riding
·         Ride on bike paths or on the sidewalk
·         Parents should be cautious of children’s outerwear clothing that have drawstrings at the hood or neck area that could catch on playground equipment
·         Play nicely, no pushing or shoving
More detailed information may be found at the following websites,,,, and/or
May you and your children enjoy a safe and productive school year, from your Maitland Fire Rescue Department, Our Family Helping Yours – Whatever It Takes.

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