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Winter Park-Maitland Observer
Long Range Capital Planning

Long Range Capital Planning

By Sharon Anselmo, Assistant City Manager
Submission Date: 7/8/14
Part of the annual budgeting process is planning the accomplishment of the City’s long range goals. The City annually updates the five-year capital improvements element of the 2030 Comprehensive Development Plan (“CDP”). The five-year Capital Improvements Program (“CIP”) represents the implementation of key master plans; the Stormwater/Lakes Management Plan, the Cultural Corridor, Downtown Maitland, Parks, Westside Redevelopment, and the Water and Sewer Master Plans. The projected cost of implementation over the five year period is approximately $40 million.
After consideration by various boards and committees, capital project recommendations are submitted by departments at the beginning of each calendar year. Once submitted, the Planning and Zoning Commission recommends a priority listing of projects to the City Council. The current year project costs are incorporated into the budget draft to ensure projects can be reasonably completed while continuing to provide existing services at the level deemed appropriate. The CIP and budget draft will be discussed at the Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Workshop scheduled for July 21 at 6:30 pm at City Hall. A brief summary of the major projects included in the five-year plan are outlined below. 
The five-year total for Stormwater/Lakes Management Plan projects is currently estimated at $3.7 million. The implementation of this plan and the environmental utility fee as a funding source represent a long-term commitment to improve lake quality and environmental concerns in the City. Technologies are reviewed annually by the Lakes Advisory Board, and the five-year program includes improvements to several area lakes designed to remove pollution from stormwater inflow, including an infiltration trench at Lake Nina and a cooperative effort with surrounding jurisdictions at Howell Creek. 
Improvements to the water distribution system are intended to increase pressure to provide for adequate fire protection in residential areas and implement the cross connection control project. Efforts continue to improve the sanitary sewer system by upgrading lift stations to submersible stations. Combined, the capital improvements for utilities total $12.5 million over the five year period.
The implementation of the Parks Master Plan is a five-year program totaling $3.6 million. Upgrades to Fort Maitland and Lake Lily parks, as well as plans for land acquisition for Westside park development and build-out of Independence park, are planned for the five-year period. The City plans to continue installing pedestrian friendly paths through the bicycle/sidewalk network program which is funded at $2.3 million over the five-year period.
Transportation is a major expenditure in the CIP, with over $13.5 million of projects outlined in the five-year plan. With the adoption of the Westside Redevelopment Plan is the inclusion of transportation improvements anticipated to be funded by a special assessment district, including North Keller Road, Maitland Center Parkway Loop and Bike Trails from Interstate 4 to Fennell Street. Transportation improvements include many of the roadway recommendations needed to implement the Maitland Area Transportation Study recommendations and the Downtown Maitland Revitalization Plan. 
A copy of the FY 2015-2019 Draft Capital Improvements Program document is available on the City’s website at

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