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Winter Park-Maitland Observer
Maitland Traffic Timing Study Findings

Did you know?

It is faster to drive from Maitland Boulevard to Horatio Avenue using the slip ramp and U.S. 17-92 rather than using Maitland Avenue during peak traffic hours? 
A traffic timing study was conducted to compare the two routes during morning and evening peak hour traffic conditions. In both cases, it was significantly quicker to use U.S. 17-92 than it was to use Maitland Avenue. However, during non-peak hours, Maitland Avenue is faster. 
Drivers are encouraged to take Maitland Boulevard to the slip ramp, and then the slip ramp to U.S. 17-92. It saves time and provides a safer route with respect to the railroad tracks. Like Horatio Avenue, there also is a railroad crossing on the slip ramp; however,  the SunRail trains move much slower at this location due to its proximity to the Maitland SunRail station. The tracks also are farther away from the traffic signal, creating less of a chance for vehicles to get “trapped” on the crossing.   Consider readjusting your route to include the slip ramp and U.S. 17-92.
To listen to an audio webcast of a recent presentation and discussion about traffic in Maitland, please visit: Click on “Select Part 2” and a Windows Media Player window, or the default audio playback software, should appear on the screen. You can expand the size of the Windows Media Player by clicking on an icon with three squares and an arrow on the upper right corner. Once the window is expanded, there will be a longer timeline and a playhead to skip to different parts of the webcast. The presentation begins at 34:25 and the discussion ends at 01:01:02.

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