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Maitland News
Storm Debris Instructions

Storm Debris Instructions

Storm debris removal has already started in Maitland.  We anticipate the effort will take several weeks.  However, the volume of yard debris throughout the county is very large, so please keep in mind that it may be several days before a debris team arrives in your community. It is the City’s intent to collect debris moving east to west in the City, collecting debris in the hardest hit areas first.
No Mixed Debris
Vegetative storm debris including tree limbs, branches, and other organic debris should always be separated from storm-related construction debris shingles, fencing, lumber, drywall, etc. Mixed debris will not be picked up by our waste hauler, and for curbside removal, construction debris will be collected separately, and if not separated, neither may be picked up. Also, household garbage should NEVER be mixed with storm or construction debris.  If you have larger items such as applicances or furniture please call 407-539-6265 for a large item pick up.  If our debris hauler has come through your neighborhood and you have been missed please email
Private Property
Debris will only be removed from private property in the case of severe damage, per the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) policy. 
Debris Drop-off
Orange County has 10 debris sites open with a lot of activity. Hurricane relates debris includes tree limbs and vegetation, not furniture, old TV sets and construction debris like fences. Burning debris during recovery is not permitted.  If you do not want to wait for the City’s debris hauler, you may self haul to one of these sites.
Permitting Fees Waived
Permit fees to repair damages caused by Hurricane Irma have been temporarily waived in the City. Whether you are hiring a licensed contractor or doing the repairs yourself, you need to have a permit and have certified inspectors inspect the work. 
All curbside collection services are collected on regular schedules.  If you are missed please call 407-539-6265 or email 
Larger storm debris will be picked up by debris removal contractors beginning today. Please be patient during this recovery.

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