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Maitland News
New Employee Spotlight: Public Works' Pam Brotheridge

The City of Maitland is happy to announce that Pam Brotheridge has joined City staff in the role of Water Supervisor.  Her start date was June 12, 2017.

Pam comes to the City from Veolia North America, a French transnational company that provides municipalities throughout the world with water management and waste management services.  Pam was based in Jackson, Mississippi, before she moved back to her hometown, Orlando.  Her two sons, Brian, 40, and Joey, 24, were raised in Florida.  She has four granddaughters who live in Norfolk, Virginia.
“I’m glad to be back home,” Pam said.
Prior to her service to Veolia, she worked for Severn Trent in Gallup, New Mexico, a town 7,000 feet above sea level.  
Pam started her water career in 1982 while she was working as a Records Department Supervisor for the Altamonte Springs Police Department.  A colleague told her that she could make more money working in as a meter-reading fore(wo)man in the Water Department.  The colleague told her there would be loads of opportunities for Pam since it’s a male-dominated field.  Intrigued, she applied for the job and pursued her C-Water Treatment license. 
For three and a half decades, she has chased after water and wastewater opportunities in Central Florida and beyond. Her career has taken her to Georgia, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada, and New Mexico.   She describes her appetite to learn more at each career-developing opportunity as a “craving.”
“A lot of [water] operators have been at the same place for 30 years. I add a different perspective since I haven’t worked at the same place for 30 years. Quite the opposite, actually. For example, every city treats water differently,” said Pam.  “I always ask how we can improve existing procedures to be more efficient.  And, I have a passion for working with people.  I’m definitely a ‘people’ person.”
She’s looking forward to working on infrastructure improvement projects, such as the Galahad Lane and Lamorak Lane water line projects that are currently underway.  She can't wait to learn more about the water line construction process, an opportunity that has not really presented itself during her three and half decades of service until now.  “I was really impressed about how neat and tidy the construction sites at Galahad Lane and Lamorak looked,” she said. “I look forward to working with everyone on these projects.”
When Pam is not working hard managing one of the most important resources on earth for citizens, she likes to go scuba diving and relax with her husband Jason, cat Pumpkin, and English bulldog Taz.

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