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Special Notice
Precautionary Boil Water Notice for Residents in Northeast Dommerich Hills. - update

12/13/17 Update:  Yesterday morning a water main break occurred.  By late afternoon, the City issued a precautionary boil water notice.  This notice is still in effect for the impacted areas.  A temporary repair to the pipe was made late last evening, which allowed water to be turned back on temporarily last evening.  However, the notice has to remain in effect until final repairs to the pipe have been made.  The necessary repair work this morning will require the water to be switched off to residents within the precautionary boil notice area again this morning.  The final phase, once this repair is completed, is two days of testing the water. A minimum of two days is required to conduct the water testing and the process to do so will occur once the repairs have been made to the system. Once that occurs, the City will issue a rescinded precautionary boil water notice and notify residents via an automated telephone message (Reverse 911).  The Public Works Water Division is moving as quickly as were are able within the parameters the City must meet.  We appreciate your patience during this process. 

As the water may be turned off and on intermittently throughout the process residents experiencing murky water or water with debris in it should run the faucets with cold water to flush household pipes, water fountains, sprinkler systems, etc. Let the cold water run through the pipes for a few minutes by opening faucets inside and outside the house to clear the lines.  During the precautionary boil water notice phase, it is advised that all water used for drinking, cooking, and teeth brushing be boiled.  A rolling boil of one minute is sufficient.  As an alternative, bottled water may be used.

Do I still need to boil my water if I have a filter system on my faucet or refrigerator?

Most home filters are designed to improve the taste and/or odor of you water, not remove bacteria. Check with the manufacturer for more information regarding your system. As a precaution you should boil your water or use commercially bottled water even if you have a filtering system.

Is it safe to still wash dishes, do laundry, and bathe?


The water is safe for washing dishes, but you should use hot, soapy water and rinse dishes in boiled water. You may add a tablespoon of bleach per gallon to the wash water. You may use a dishwasher if it has a sanitizing cycle. There are no restrictions for doing laundry. Water may be used for taking showers or baths, as long as care is taken not to swallow the water or allow the water to be ingested. Use only disinfected or boiled water for brushing your teeth. Wash hands with soap and boiled water, or soap with bottled water. If only tap water is available, it is best to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer after you wash your hands.


Precautionary Boil Water Notice

Maitland, Fla. – Effective immediately, the City of Maitland is issuing a precautionary boil water notice for residents in the northeast area of the city as a result of a water line break on Deloraine between Mohican and Collie earlier today.

Therefore, as a precaution, it is advised that all water used for drinking, cooking, and teeth brushing be boiled.  A rolling boil of one minute is sufficient.  As an alternative, bottled water may be used.

The boil water notice applies to residents in the following areas: 

Deloraine Trail east towards Mohican Trail,

Gillis Court,

Longhaven Drive,

McIntosh Way,

Lauder Drive, and

Areas South of Derbyshire.   

This precautionary boil water notice will remain in effect until the water line break has corrected and when this notice is officially rescinded by the City of Maitland in a subsequent update.  Please check often for updates.  Residents may contact the Water Division at 407-875-2115 with any questions.


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