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Project Updates
Lift Station #1

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Lift Station Plans-Final Draft to City
Petition for Site Plan Review


Lift stations do an extremely important job: they transport wastewater throughout the city.  Wastewater is always on the move – it flows through a series of lift stations before it leaves the city for treatment.  Once the wastewater leaves the last lift station in the City, it flows, untreated, into the transmission system of the South Seminole and North Orange County Wastewater Transmission Authority (SSNOCWTA).  The final destination for much of Maitland’s wastewater is the City of Orlando’s Iron Bridge Treatment Facility. 

The City of Maitland and SSNOCWTA is planning to decommission a fifty-four year-old lift station on Deloraine Trail known as  Lift Station No. 1, and replace it with a newly constructed lift station. The location of the new lift station, on Tuscarora Trail at Chickapee, is on a parcel of land purchased by the City in 2005.

Lift Station No. 1, a dry well/wet well, receives effluent from the majority of Maitland lift stations east of Interstate 4.  The current state of Lift Station No. 1 poses a few problems.  It’s one of the oldest lift stations in the City and it pumps a significant volume of the City’s wastewater into the transmission pipeline. The parts to repair the lift station are either no longer available or will soon be unavailable.  The station also is undersized and does not have a backup generator to provide power to the station during outages.  Under the current configuration, if power goes out to the station, crews have approximately 15 minutes to respond, evaluate the problem and begin corrective measures before the lift station fills and overflows.  Most importantly, the safety of City employees servicing the dry well, which is at least 20 feet below ground level, and requires them to work in the street, likewise are concerns.

The new Lift Station No. 1 abandons the dry well/wet well set up. A single wet well with a submersible pump system allows employees to service the well from ground level, instead of descending 20 feet to do so. The new lift station also will feature three 60 horsepower pumps to push more effluent efficiently from Maitland to the treatment-plant transmission pipeline. By comparison, most lift stations in Maitland operate with 3- to 15-horsepower pumps.  The new station will also be equipped with a backup generator to ensure that they system will function even in the event of power outages.

The project has been in the City’s Capital Improvements Plan since 2003. It’s also referenced in the Sanitary Sewer Master Plan Update 2013.



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