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Santa's Parade Route (December 9, 2017)

Santa's Parade

Saturday, December 9, 2017

10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

PLEASE NOTE: Route times are approximate and may deviate based on traffic conditions or other unforeseen circumstances.

10:00 Depart PD. Left onto Fennell Street. Right onto Keller Road. Left on Kennedy Blvd. Left on Deacon Jones. Right on Carver, Right on Bethune. Left on Kennedy. Follow up to Wymore Rd. Left on Wymore. Right on Rogers Ave. Left on Kentucky then right on Warrens Ave. Right on Calhoun Avenue. Follow up to Kennedy. Left onto Kennedy, right on West, Left on Fitzgerald, Right on Jonotay, Left onto Monroe Ave. Slowly pass the Hamlet Subdivision. Continue to the entrance of 201 Monroe. Slowly pass the apartment complex.

10:15 Follow Monroe Ave. east to U.S. Hwy 17-92. Turn left to head north to Magnolia Road. Turn Right on Magnolia then right on Ridgewood. Continue south to Alpine, turn left to Sunnyside, turn left going north on Sunnyside back to Magnolia. Turn Left Magnolia to 17-92, turn right and proceed to Lake Ave.

10:30 Left on Lake Avenue, Left on Grove Street, Left on Gulfview, Left on Waverly Lane, Right on Grove Street, Right on Lake Avenue.

10:40 Left onto Cottontail, Left onto Lake Catherine Drive, Left onto Boynton, Right onto Ventris, left on Central to Packwood. Right on Packwood towards Maitland Ave.

10:45 Continue east on Packwood, (Pass FD), Left on Swoope. Right on Horatio. Right on Oakleigh Lane, Loop around Oakleigh Drive, Left on Old Horatio, Left on West Trotters, loop around East Trotters and return to Horatio.

11:00 Right on Horatio, Right on Adams Drive, circle Whitecaps, right on East Adams Drive. Left on Thistle, Left on King Arthur Circle keeping to the right. Circle Kings Row and return to the intersection of Horatio and Thistle. Proceed through the light north. Right on Mohican, Right on Deloraine, Left on Collie, Right on McIntosh, Right on MacGregor, Left on MacBeth, Left on Kewanee, Right on Big Bend, Right on Thunder, Right on Tuscarora, Right on Kewannee, Left on MacBeth.

11:30 Left on McGregor, Left on Deloraine, Left on Mohawk, Right on Kewannee, Right on Tuscarora, Right on Ponca, Left on Chippewa, Left on Nicoma, Right on Tuscarora, right on Mohawk, left on Nicoma, Left on Chippewa. Continue of Chippewa to Thistle Lane. Right on Thistle. Left on Mohican, right on Parliament, Left on Geronimo, Left on Camelot. Right on Mohican. Left on Mojave, Right on Choctaw, Left on Seneca. Right on Algonquin, Right on Arapaho, Left on Chippewa, Left on Sequoia, Left on Dommerich to Horatio. Horatio to Minnehaha Circle, when going in, stay to right and make the circle back to Horatio.

11:50 Right on Horatio. Right on 17-92 to Versailles Drive. Circle Versailles, returning to and Right on 17-92. Right on Mayo, and proceed to the Maitland Community Park. Circle through the Community Park and return on Mayo to 17-92.

12:00 Break at City Hall

12:15 Take Maitland Avenue north. Right on Sybelia Ave, Left on Gamewell, Right on Marion Way, Right on Robinhood Dr, back on Gamewell, Right on Sybelia Ave, cross over Maitland Ave on Sybelia. Right on Hillcrest, Right on Sandspur. Left on Maitland Ave.

12:25 Proceed across Maitland Boulevard to Stonehill and turn right. Bear right and circle the subdivision. Return Maitland Avenue and go left. Proceed across Maitland Blvd to George.

12:30 Right on George, Proceed west, Right on Lake Sybelia, Right on Maitland Grove Road, Circle White Oak Circle, Come back onto Lake Sybelia Drive, Right onto Wolsey to Pryde Drive, Left on Sandspur, and Left on Willowbrook Trail, Right on Nottoway (Quick left on Willa Vista and back onto Nottoway), Right on Rollingwood, Right on Talmeda( Quick turn on Willowbrook) and back out to Sandspur Road.

12:40 Left on Sandspur to Lake Colony Estates. Go into subdivision and circle to Sandspur Road, Left on Sandspur and Right on Wymore.

12:45 Right on Wymore, Right into Maitland Club. Right on Brightwater Circle and circle the subdivision. Return to Wymore. Right on Wymore, Right on Oranole, Right on Southview, Left on Druid Road. Right on Lake Charity follow around to Lake Hope, turn left on Druid Access lane and Right when at the main part of Druid Rd. Turn Left on Kathy Lane to Oranole and turn left. Make the curve right and go to Wymore. Turn left onto Hope Road. Enter Montacino subdivision. Circle through complex. Exit and turn right onto Hope and go to Maitland Blvd. Cross over I-4 Bridge to Lake Destiny, turn right on Lake Destiny. Proceed south to Maitland Center Parkway, Turn right. Proceed to Keller Rd, turn left and enter RDV by the Ice Den, exit onto Maitland Summit Blvd and go to S.R. 414. Cross over, turn right on Summit Centre Way, enter the Arbors. Exiting the Arbors via the Maitland Summit Blvd gate, turn right.

13:05 Around the brick island round-about and travel towards Grand Reserve Apartments.

13:30 Left at The Grand Reserve Apartments. Circle around Grand Isle. Circle around Grand Brook. Out of complex to Maitland Summit Blvd. Right on Maitland Summit Blvd. Right on Bobtail Drive, Left on Falkner Dr, right on Chartreaux, Right on Tortoise Shell, left on Bobtail. Left on Birman Street, Right on Bobtail, Right on Maitland Summit Blvd.

14:00 Return to PD

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