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1. This process is only for approved site plans or approved revisions to site plans. If plans not approved, contact Community Development for process of approval.

2. Applicants pick up forms at the Community Development Department’s counter or go download the forms at

3. If questions arise for the application, the Project Coordinator shall be contacted (539-6258).

4. The applicant shall verify fees by submitting cost estimates for site construction (all site improvements not included within building permit and private fire mains/hydrants are excluded) to the City Engineer.

5. The applicant shall submit the completed form, ten (10) sets of approved plans, and the approved fee amount with remittance to the Building Department.

6. Building Department contacts Project Coordinator when application and fees submitted.

7. Project Coordinator reviews permit and plans to ensure approval. A set of approved plans shall be returned to the applicant (left at Building Department to be picked up) with signed permit, and a set will be sent to Public Works (2 sets), Parks and Recreation (1 set), Community Development (3 sets), and Building (4 sets) for use in inspections. Please provide PDF from As-Builts.

8. Once permit is approved, Project Coordinator shall notify departments of approval of specific projects.

9. Project Coordinator shall schedule a pre-construction meeting with contractors and sub-contractors, owner and appropriate department personnel.

10. At the pre-construction meeting, the inspection process, specifics about individual improvements, site requirements (tree protection, silt barrier) shall be reviewed with the contractor and owner to ensure that the completion process is understood.

11. During construction, the various departments are responsible for completing inspections and periodic site visits as called for by contractor. The project coordinator shall notify various departments on an as needed basis or to schedule inspections. As inspections are completed or correspondence forwarded to contractors; project coordinator is to be copied for all inspection approvals and correspondence/ checklist.

12. Project Coordinator shall compile all correspondence checklists and project updates.

13. Project Coordinator shall issue (after review) a complete checklist /status report to contractor. Project Coordinator will send draft to departments before final goes to contractor.

14. All City inspections shall be made based upon approved drawings. Any revisions or changes shall be submitted in writing for site plan revisions prior to approval. Minimum 2 minor changes may be submitted on a modication document (MOD-DOC) per department discretion.

15. Site inspections shall be logged by individual inspectors and forwarded to project coordinator.

16. Final inspections shall be coordinated with/by project coordinator.

17. At completion of all first inspections. Project Coordinator will issue final checklist after review (by applicable departments).

18. All inspections from this time on will be scheduled through Project Coordinator.

19. Upon completion of all items on checklist to satisfaction of City Departments. Project Coordinator shall obtain Community Development Director signature for final for site plan permit and forward to building department to enable issuance of C/O if all other building approvals have been met.

Revised 6/26/98
Page Updated: 4/20/16
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