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Request for Proposals & Qualifications
RFQ-Continuing Professional Services - Civil Engineering


Can you please clarify if a SF 330 is needed and if so, what sections must be included? Under Section H. Contents of the Proposal Statement on page 2 of the RFQ, it states that the 25 pages do not include a cover letter, dividers, Public Entity Crimes, or the Form 330. Are the requirements that follow (including firm overview, descriptive summaries, bank statements, etc.) the only sections that count towards the 30 page limit?



Form 330 is required.  Section H, numbers 1 thru 5 make up the 25 pages (not 30).


In the scope of work, “environmental analysis” - Is this water and wastewater utility design, or is it wetland habitat and/or threatened and endangered species assistance?


All of the above.  If you don’t do all of the above, then just respond with what services you can provide.  


May I request a copy or the current status of the following documents/projects as stated in the RFQ; the Downtown Maitland Master Plan, the Downtown Maitland Revitalization Plan, the West Side Redevelopment Plan, the Comprehensive Development Plan and the Capital Improvements Plan?



Here are the requested documents, all of which can be found on our website:


Master Plan/Revitalization Plan (current draft, in the approval process)


West Side Redevelopment Plan

Vol. 1


Vol. 2








Are [you] selecting more than one team for the continuing services agreement and if so, how many teams will be selected?




“The members of the evaluation team will then rate the consultants and forward the ranked list to the City Council for approval.”  We will then have a list of firms from which we can choose, starting with the top ranked firm and continuing down the list.







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