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Special Agendas
Special Meeting Agendas
Interim Improvement Committee
Date: 6/3/2008

Interim Improvement Committee

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

*****Senior Center- Computer Room*****

7:00 P.M.


I.                  Call to Order


II.               Approval of minutes of May 20, 2008


III.           Continuation of Discussion on Area #2 Winn Dixie

Note:Three Areas of Greatest Concern

Area #1 Car lot, Snodgrass Hardware, Upholstery Shop

Area #2  Winn Dixie

Area #3 North of Publix

A.    View computer graphics of various sites submitted

B.    Bob Allen’s contact with Bob Reese

C.    Establish how we make future contacts and to what extent we involve the owner, staff, outside groups, council.

1.     How to encourage owner provided improvements

2.     How to promote suggestions

3.     Establish “who” we can use as a volunteer group

D.    Stepwise methods to reach our goals. Establish which comes first, second, third.


IV.            Establish at least three solutions in the following categories for

A.    Very inexpensive, easy to accomplish with only a few volunteers and little time commitment, may involve enforcing existing zoning rules, involves only City right-of-way area.

B.    Some fundraising involved, group of more than 10 volunteers needed, involves more than one day’s effort, involves owner cooperation, may involve owner expense.


V.               Prioritize the projects and the sites


VI.            Refine our mission statement


VII.        Public Period


VIII.     Establish Upcoming Meeting Date(s)


IX.            Adjournment

Archived Special Meeting Agendas

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