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Special Agendas
Special Meeting Agendas
Interim Improvement Committee - July 14, 2009
Date: 7/14/2009

                                          Interim Improvement Committee

                                                          July 14, 2009

                                           Senior Center Computer Room, 7pm




I.                   Call to order


II.                Approval of the June 23, 2009 minutes


III.             Old Business

A.    View and discuss pictures that apply to the Ravinia and Trevi projects


IV.             New Business

A.    Layout and approve a landscape design for both ends of Sybelia Parkway.

B.     Obtain permission approvals for our committee to do the work on both Trevi and Ravinia property.

C.     Establish how much will be contributed by land owners and get an agreement signed as to who will do maintenance.

D.    Budget out entire project and find sources for all costs

E.     Submit plans to transportation engineer to approve visibility triangles

F.      Establish water supply at both ends of Parkway

G.    Create a timeline to remove existing vegetation, establish water supply, order plants and delivery,  and set the date for planting


V.                Public Period


VI.             Set date for next meeting


VII.          Adjournment



Please note: One or more member of the City Council may be present.


Archived Special Meeting Agendas

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