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Special Magistrate Meetings
Code Enforcement Board
Tuesday 7:30 p.m., August 12, 2003
City Hall, Council Chambers
1776 Independence Lane, Maitland, Florida
  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Roll Call
  4. Approve Minutes of June 10, 2003
  5. Previous Cases: Update
    02-11 2040 Rogers Ave., Booker T. Perry & Betty J Perry [Property Maint.] Motion for Foreclosure Authorization

    00-12 1930 Rogers Ave., John W. & Kelly Beacham [Property Maint.] – Motion for Foreclosure Authorization

    00-13 1020 Rogers Ave., John W. Beacham [Property Maint.] – Motion for Foreclosure Authorization

    02-14 601 N. Orlando Ave Guardian Partnership .[Reqs. of Fire Prevention Codes] RESOLVED

    02-18 1941 Warrens Ave. Josephine Beacham & Alberta Tribble Irene Collins INT ETAL [maint..] 6/9/03 Corrected/fine due

    02-34 700 Windgrove Trail Lenore R. Rigel [inoperable/unlicensed vehicles. MCC21-5 IX] Corrected/Fine Due

    03-10 2021 Brook Drive Frank Grant [Commercial vehs in residential area] 5/20/03 Corrected/Fine Due

    03-13b 630 S. Maitland Avenue Rebecca J. Dicks and John H.V. Dicks, Trustees 6/8/03 Fine Running
    [site modi., Temp structure] (Tenent: Daniel Badran/ Kimberly Costantine, Kimberlily, Inc., D/b/a/ Jasmines on Lake Lily])

    03-19 1340 N. Lake Sybelia James W. Baldwin & Adelaide C. Baldwin[Unlic/Inop. vehicles] 5/8/03 Fine Running

    03-21 1140 Willowbrook Dr. Frank J. Kozumplik [Maintain Property MCC 7-3; 5-2 & SHC] Order: August 12, 2003

    03-26 440 Ventris Lane Wayne R. Howard & Barbara N. Howard Order: 30 days permit & demolish
    [Boat dock in disrepair MCC 5-52 SHC 101.6, 305.5,305.15]

  6. New Cases
    03-26 440 Ventris Lane Wayne R. Howard & Barbara N. Howard [Boat dock, canopy & posts (boat house) to be removed] because of disrepair MCC 5-52 SHC 101.6, 305.5,305.15]

    03-31 132 Thompson Ave. Susie Lancaster Estate c/o Mary Ferrel [Property Maintenance MCC 7-3]

    03-32 630 S. Maitland Ave. Rebecca J. Dicks and John H.V. Dicks, Trustees [work w/out permit MCC 5-3 104.1.1]

    03-33 1701-41 Warrens Ave. C.L. Boyer & Juanita Boyer [property has tall weeds/grass MCC 7-3]

    03-34 744 Gamewell Ave. Ernestine Wilkinson [unlicensed/inoperable vehicles-maint. property MCCSHC 307.4]

    03-35 1920 Rogers Ave. John W. Beacham [Property Maintenance MCC 7-3]

    03-36 1930 Rogers Ave. John W. & Kelly Beacham [Property Maintenance MCC 7-3

    03-37 1661 E. Horatio Ave. Soon Jong Zabuski [pool maint./enc. MCC 5-73/ FBC 404.2.17.1/ Trailer storage MCC 21-5 (IX)]
  7. Any Other Business The Board Deems Advisable
  8. Adjournment

The Next Scheduled Meeting is, October 14, 2003

For Information please call Susanne Lucas, Code Enforcement Officer, (407) 539-6154

Please be advised that in accordance with state law, if you wish to appeal any decision rendered by the Board, you are responsible for your own record of the proceedings, and you may need to ensure that a verbatim transcript is made. ClerkÕs Persons with disabilities needing assistance to participate in any of these proceedings should contact the City office (407-539-6219) 48 hours in advance of the meeting.

Archived Agendas and Minutes


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