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City Council Meeting Agendas
City Council Meeting 9/12/2005

WELCOME to our Council meeting. In the interest of time efficiency, the following will prevail for comments by the public. Each speaker will be permitted 5 minutes to state his case. Group presentations will be permitted 3 speakers including the spokesperson - each being limited to 5 minutes. No speakers will be interrupted. THANK YOU for participating in your City Government.

1. Invocation
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Special Presentation
  1. Maitland Little League All Stars
4. Public Hearing
  1. Tentative Budget & Proposed Millage Rate for FY 06
5. Old Business - City Manager
6. Consent Agenda
  1. Approve Council Minutes – August 8, 2005 and August 22, 2005
2. Receive Lakes Advisory Board Minutes – July 20, 2005
3. School Resource Officer Contract
4. Resolution – CPI Adjustment Residential Solid Waste Services
5. Resolution – CPI Adjustment Commercial Solid Waste Services
6. Resolution - National Incident Management System
7. Interlocal Agreement – Central Florida Fire Academy
8. Contract Extension- Building Inspection Services
9. Confirming Resolution – General Obligation Bonds Series 2005
10. Maitland/UCF Memorandum of Understanding
11. Facility Use Agreements
7. Public Period
8. Council Decisions
  1. Ordinance – Right-of-Way Abandonment of Perry Street(this item has been removed from the agenda)
2. Ordinance- Planned Development (Preliminary) - 800 North Maitland Avenue
3. All Line Aggregate Program – Liability & Workers Comp Insurance
4. Final Development Plan- 2055 & 2080 Summerland Avenue
9. Council Discussion
  1. Commuter Rail
2. Height Ordinance
3. City Manager’s Evaluation
4. City Manager’s Report
5. Council Reports
10. Adjournment

Archived Agendas and Minutes

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