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City Council Meeting Agendas
City Council 4/11/2011


Council Chambers
6:30 pm
WELCOME to our Council meeting. In the interest of time efficiency, the following will prevail for comments by the public. Each speaker will be permitted 3 minutes to state his/her case. Group presentations will be permitted 3 speakers including the spokesperson - each being limited to 3 minutes. No speakers will be interrupted. Please silence cellular phones and pagers during the meeting.THANK YOU for participating in your City Government.
I.                   Invocation 
II.                Pledge of Allegiance
III.             Special Presentations
1.      Proclamation – Arbor Day
2.      Proclamation – North American Occupational Safety & Health Week
IV.              Old Business
Recess Council Meeting/Convene CRA Meeting
I.                   Presentation - AECOM – Design Standards
Adjourn CRA Meeting/Reconvene Council Meeting
V.                 Public Hearing
1.      Ordinance – Land Development Regulations Chapter 7.5 Article IV Comprehensive Development Plan Amendment
VI.              Public Period 
VII.           Consent Agenda
1.      Approve Council Minutes of March 28, 2011
2.      Approve Council/MAHA Workshop Minutes of March 7, 2011 & April 1, 2011
3.      Receive Transportation Advisory Board Minutes of January 13, 2011 & February 10, 2011
4.      Resolution – Home Rule Authority Over Fertilizer Regulation
5.      Amendment - Orange County Interlocal Agreement – SunRail
6.      Contract - Multitrode, Inc.
VIII.        Decision
1.      Ordinance Amendment – Police Officers/Fire Fighters Pension
IX.              Discussion
1.      Process for Member at Large Selection – Charter Review Committee
2.  Business Development in the City - Requested by Councilman Bonus
X.                 City Manager’s Report/City Attorney/Council Reports
XI.              Adjournment

Archived Agendas and Minutes

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