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City Council Meeting Agendas
City Council 6/22/2009


City Hall
Council Chambers
6:30 PM
WELCOME to our Council meeting. In the interest of time efficiency, the following will prevail for comments by the public. Each speaker will be permitted 3 minutes to state his/her case. Group presentations will be permitted 3 speakers including the spokesperson - each being limited to 5 minutes. No speakers will be interrupted. Please silence cellular phones and pagers during the meeting.THANK YOU for participating in your City Government.
I.                   Invocation  
II.                Pledge of Allegiance
III.             Special Presentations
1.      Resolution – Orange County Complete Count Committee/Beverly Willis, Mapping Supervisor, Orange County Supervisor of Elections
2.      Brossier Status Report – Town Center Redevelopment Program  (Verbal Presentation)
IV.              Old Business – City Manager
V.                 Council Discussion
VI.              Public Period
VII.           Public Hearings  
1.      Ordinance - Easement Abandonment 500 Maitland Avenue
2.      Ordinance – Park Impact Fees  
VIII.        Consent Agenda
1.      Approve Council Minutes – June 8, 2009
2.      Receive Parks & Recreation Advisory Board Minutes – March 4, 2009 & May 13, 2009
3.      Receive Planning & Zoning Commission Minutes – May 21, 2009
4.      Committee of One Hundred of Orange County Grant – EMS Equipment
5.      Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program – Fire Station Construction
6.   March 2009 Quarterly Financial Statements
IX.              Council Decisions
1.      Appointments – Parks & Recreation Advisory Board (3)
2.      Ordinance - Petition No. 2009-01 (AZ)(PD) 250 N. Swoope Avenue
3.      Ordinance – Petition No 2009-01 (AZ) 1951 Summit Tower Boulevard
4.      Ordinance – Petition No 2009-02 (AZ) 1991 Summit Park Drive
5.      Selection of Consultant to Prepare the City’s CDP EAR-based Amendment
6.      TAB By-Laws & Constitution Amendments
7.      Bid Award - Lake Maitland Basin Improvements
X.                 City Manager’s Report/Council Reports/Miscellaneous Reports
·         Update House Bill 360 – City Attorney
XI.              Adjournment 

Archived Agendas and Minutes

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